Von Hallers Gin BLUSH 44% Vol. 0,5l

Von Hallers

Von Hallers Gin BLUSH 44% Vol. 0,5l

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SKU : 33222

Vendor : Von Hallers

Product Type : Gin

Gin type: Flavoured Gin

Volume: 500 ml

Alcohol, ABV: 44.0%

Country: Germany

Barcode: 4251243716098


A journey to the sea of ​​flowers

VON HALLERS GIN BLUSH discovers the secret pleasure regions of German seas of flowers: This gin combines its botanicals with lemon and grapefruit to create a unique flavor bouquet. Already on the nose, BLUSH reveals a floral freshness that seems to be blowing straight from a sun-drenched flower garden. On the tongue, lavender notes combine with chamomile aromas to create a delicate delight. And despite its summery lightness, the gin stays in your mouth for a long time - and in your memory. These botanicals are distilled slowly and gently in a slow-distilled process in traditional copper stills - so that they later come to full bloom in your glass.

The brand name "VON HALLERS" pays tribute to the physicist, botanist and poet Albrecht von Haller, who opened the botanical garden in Göttingen in 1736 from which the botanicals for this extraordinary gin come. With every bottle of VON HALLERS GIN you purchase, you support the botanical garden in Göttingen.

Perfect for every occasion: neat, as a gin and tonic and in cocktails.

Von Hallers Gin BLUSH 44% Vol. 0,5l

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