STONE Vodka 40% Vol. 0,7l


STONE Vodka 40% Vol. 0,7l

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SKU : 32840

Vendor : STONE

Product Type : Vodka

Volume: 700 ml

Alcohol, ABV: 40.0%

Country: Austria

Region: Styria

Barcode: 9120017835387


Extremely fine and natural vodka, which consists only of matured wheat distillate and water. The secret "talc stone process" developed at the company makes it incredibly velvety and fine - unique. The softest stone in the world makes Stone one of the softest vodkas in the world. An Austrian “New Western Style Vodka” as it is in the book.

One year after the market launch, our newcomer STONE Vodka has already received its sixth award. At the prestigious “World Vodka Awards 2021” competition in London, Premium Vodka Gold was also awarded as the best vodka in Austria. At the “World Spirits Awards 2021”, STONE Vodka won the highest award, Double Gold.

So you can confidently say that STONE Vodka is one of the top quality vodkas on an international level.

Tasting note: Fine nose, very clear with floral grain nuances. Velvety neutral on the palate, yet creamy, harmonious, fine-spicy and soft aftertaste.

STONE Vodka 40% Vol. 0,7l

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