Lebensstern GARDEN GIN 43% Vol. 0,7l

Lebensstern GARDEN GIN 43% Vol. 0,7l

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Vendor : Lebensstern

Product Type : Gin

Volume, ml: 700

Alcohol, ABV: 43.0

Gin type: Dry Gin

Country: Germany

Barcode: 4260381740452


The Lebensstern bar in Berlin has created the Garden Gin in cooperation with the Freihof distillery from Austria.
The Garden Gin is made on the basis of the Lebensstern Dry Gin and refined by means of various herbs, flowers and elderflowers to get its «garden» character.

Botanicals: juniper, ginger, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, elderflower, …

Colour: Clear.
Nose: Floral, floral, fresh, notes of herbs, spices, juniper.
Taste: Sweet, floral, warm cinnamon, juniper, spices, ginger, pepper.
Finish: Long lasting.

Lebensstern GARDEN GIN 43% Vol. 0,7l

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