Jodhpur London Dry Gin 43% Vol. 0,7l

Jodhpur London Dry Gin 43% Vol. 0,7l

Vendor : Jodhpur

Product Type : Gin

Volume, ml: 700

Alcohol, ABV: 43.0

Gin type: London Dry Gin

Country: Spain

Barcode: 8414771863719


This gin is produced by Beveland Distillers in Great Britain, then imported to Spain and bottled there.

This gin takes its name from the city of the same name, Jodhpur, in northeastern India.
Jodhpur is also called the «Blue City».
This is because there are many blue houses there and the inhabitants were counted among the caste of the Brahmins.
For this reason, and because in Jodhpur the colour «blue» is considered an efficient mosquito repellent, the blue bottle design.

Gold medal in 2011 at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco

Colour: Clear.
Nose: Juniper, notes of lime and coriander, hints of earth.
Taste: Sweet, strong, slightly peppery, juniper, citrus, herbs.
Finish: Long lasting, pleasant.

Jodhpur London Dry Gin 43% Vol. 0,7l

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