Glendalough Rose Gin 37,5% Vol. 0,7l

Glendalough Rose Gin 37,5% Vol. 0,7l

Vendor : Glendalough

Product Type : Gin

Volume, ml: 700

Alcohol, ABV: 37.5

Gin type: Flavoured Gin

Country: Ireland

Barcode: 735850483894


The basis for Glendalough Rose Gin is Wild Botanical Gin. Freshly picked rose petals are blended with it and distilled.
The result is a floral, very tasty and rosé coloured gin.

Three rose varieties are used; the rare and elusive Wild Rose from the Wicklow Mountains, large fragrant Heritage Roses and the ancient Damask Rose.
Given the delicate nature of the petals, this gin is distilled even more slowly and gently than Wild Botanical Gin, with steam distillation playing a greater role in extracting the essential oils and aromas.

Colour: Pink.
Nose: fresh, light aromas of juniper, roses.
Taste: Sweet, spicy, citrus aromas.
Finish: Long lasting.

Glendalough Rose Gin 37,5% Vol. 0,7l

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