Fuxbau Distilled Gin 44% Vol. 0,5l

Fuxbau Distilled Gin 44% Vol. 0,5l

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Vendor : Fuxbau

Product Type : Gin

Volume, ml: 500

Alcohol, ABV: 44.0

Gin type: Regular Gin

Country: Austria

Barcode: 785045845204


The heart of the Fuxbau Ginmanufaktur is a copper boiler with a capacity of approximately 20 litres.
In it, the handmade gin is produced in very small quantities.
The distillation process runs separately to mature the individual botanicals to make the taste and smell more multi-faceted and complex.

This gin is characterized by the taste of Swiss stone pine, spruce and rowanberry, which makes it an unmistakable smell and taste experience.
The rowan berries give the Fuxbau Gin a flavoured touch; a fruity note that rounds off this gin perfectly.

The distillate consists of 100% natural ingredients and is diluted with primary rock water from the Mühlviertel.

Colour: Clear.
Nose: Fresh, fruity.
Taste: Juniper, notes of Swiss stone pine, spruce, rowan berries.
Finish: Long lasting.

Fuxbau Distilled Gin 44% Vol. 0,5l

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