Four Roses Bourbon 40% Vol. 1l

Four Roses Bourbon 40% Vol. 1l

Vendor : Four Roses

Product Type : Whisky

Volume, ml: 1000

Alcohol, ABV: 40.0

Country: USA

Region: Kentucky

Barcode: 5000299101209


For the production of this Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey five different yeasts, as well as two different grain mixtures are used. This results in ten different flavors, which are stored in separate barrels.
After five to ten years, these are combined to create unique characters.
Four Roses is one of the lightest bourbon whiskeys around.
Fine fruity notes predominate, which are rounded off by oak and citrus in the finish.

Colour: Rich gold.
Nose: Fruity, floral, pleasantly spicy, honey.
Taste: Soft, gentle, fresh fruit, hints of pears, apples.
Finish: Long lasting, smooth.

Four Roses Bourbon 40% Vol. 1l

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