Bokma Oude Genever 38% Vol. 1l

Bokma Oude Genever 38% Vol. 1l

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SKU : 38463

Vendor : Bokma

Product Type : Gin

Volume, ml: 1000

Alcohol, ABV: 38.0

Gin type: Regular Gin

Country: Netherlands

Barcode: 8716000011411


Bokma Genever is a Dutch national drink.

Bokma Oude Friesche is made from rye, wheat and a special malt wine.
The malt wine is obtained by malting, fermenting and triple distillation of barley, corn and rye. It is then distilled over juniper.
It gets its typical taste from distillation and a top-secret herbal recipe.
Among other things, the following herbs are in the secret recipe: angelica root, licorice, star anise, clove, dill and of course juniper berry.

It is aged for some time in oak barrels to fully harmonize the flavors and is considered an incredibly fine, almost velvety distillate and one of the purest, best digestives.

Colour: Yellow.
Nose: Spicy, fresh herbs.
Flavour: Soft, spicy, herbal notes.
Finish: Long lasting.

It is super suitable as a digestif but also for cocktails and long drinks.

Bokma Oude Genever 38% Vol. 1l

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