Absolut Vodka ELYX 42,3% Vol. 4,5l in Giftbox

Absolut Vodka ELYX 42,3% Vol. 4,5l in Giftbox

Vendor : Absolut

Product Type : Vodka

Volume, ml: 4500

Alcohol, ABV: 42.3

Base spirit: Wheat

Packing: Giftbox

Country: Sweden

Barcode: 7312040214518


Absolut Vodka is the world's third largest spirits brand. 

Absolut Vodka is produced using southern Swedish winter wheat and pure spring water. 

The spring water is drawn from a deep well in Åhus, where it is protected from dirt and contamination. 

The winter wheat also comes from the town of Åhus. 

Absolut Elyx is a premium vodka made exclusively from hand-picked wheat and distilled in old copper kettles. 

The bottle design reminds of an old copper kettle. 

Attention: as the gold-coloured coating of the raised lettering on the Elyx large bottles is very sensitive, practically all bottles show small coating peeling. Unfortunately, this is production-related and cannot be prevented. Please do not order if you cannot accept this circumstance.

Tasting notes:

  • Color: Clear. 
  • Nose: Creamy, vanilla. 
  • Taste: Mild, silky, notes of fruit, hints of vanilla. 
  • Finish: Silky, malty, long lasting.

Absolut Vodka ELYX 42,3% Vol. 4,5l in Giftbox

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