Starward Gift Pack 43,7% Vol. 3x0,2l in Giftbox
Starward Gift Pack 43,7% Vol. 3x0,2l in Giftbox

Starward Gift Pack 43,7% Vol. 3x0,2l in Giftbox

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SKU : 36443

Vendor : Starward

Product Type : Whisky

Volume, ml: 200

Alcohol, ABV: 43.7

Base spirit: Barley

Packing: Giftbox

Country: Australia

Barcode: 9346943008132


The Starward Distillery is located in Melbourne.
Melbourne is the gourmet capital of Australia and also has delicacies to offer for one or the other whiskey lover.
The varied weather elicits both distinctive aromas and delicious flavors from the distillate.
Every single ingredient comes from the surrounding area and is sourced no more than an hour’s drive away.

This Starward Gift Set includes:

  • Starward LEFT-FIELD Single Malt Australian Whisky 40% Vol. 0.2l.
    The Left-Field bottling is 100% aged in French oak red wine casks, from Australia’s Barossa Valley and Yarra Valley regions.
    These wine casks have previously contained Shiraz, Cabernet and Pinot Noir.
    Colour: Light gold with red tones.
    Nose: Tropical fruits, red apples, fresh berries.
    Taste: Bright tropical fruits, toasted oak, vanilla.
    Finish: Long lasting, French oak.
    Starward Distillery recommends serving Left-Field with tonic water, or with vermouth and grapefruit soda.
  • Starward NOVA Single Malt Australian Whisky 41% Vol. 0,2 l
    The really special thing about this whisky is its maturation — the Staward Nova whisky matures in Australian red wine casks, giving it its exceptional wine notes.
    Colour: Bright amber.
    Nose: Fresh aromas.
    Taste: Fresh, black cherries, grapes, caramel.
    Finish: Long lasting, toffee, walnuts.
  • Starward FORTIS Single Malt Australian Whisky 50% vol. 0.2 l
    «Fortis» comes from Latin meaning «bold» or «courageous» and is one of the highest proof bottlings released to date by Starward Distillery.
    This single malt is aged exclusively in American oak casks for a rich flavor and toasted oak and vanilla character.
    A large proportion of the casks are sourced from wineries in the Barossa Valley, which previously held Shiraz and Cabernets. Some barrels of these are toasted to give them more complexity.
    Colour: Soft mahogany.
    Nose: Vanilla, toasted American oak, blackberry jam, raisins, caramelized figs, overripe plums.
    Taste: vanilla, quince paste, muscadelle raisins, chocolate, cinnamon, freshly baked banana bread.
    Finish: Long lasting, balanced, notes of baking spices, oak, ripe figs, raisins.
    Enjoy neat or as a classic cocktail with vermouth, Campari or orange bitters.

Most Awarded Distillery of the Year 2022 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Starward Gift Pack 43,7% Vol. 3x0,2l in Giftbox

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