Rhum Clairin Sajous 0.7l

Rhum Clairin Sajous 0.7l

Vendor : Clarin Casimir

Product Type : Rum

Volume, ml: 700

Rum type: White Rum

Country: Haiti


Authentic and genuine — Clairin is a Haitian product made from sugar cane juice.
Produced in small farms, with handcraft and tradition, Clairin shines with intense notes and genuine aromas.

The Clairin Sajous is produced in a small factory of Michel Sajous near the village of St. Michel de l’Attalaye.
After fermentation with thickened sugar cane juice, it is distilled twice in small traditional stills.

The Clairin Sajous is bottled without dilution or filtration and underlines its authenticity and genuineness.

Colour: White.
Nose: Intense aromas, tropical fruits, grass, herbs, bananas.
Taste: Complex notes, soft, Mediterranean notes, herbs, smoke, sugar cane.
Finish: Long, intense.

Rhum Clairin Sajous 0.7l

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