TATRATEA Citrus Tea Liqueur 32% Vol. 0,7l

TATRATEA Citrus Tea Liqueur 32% Vol. 0,7l


Product Type : Liqueur

Volume, ml: 700

Alcohol, ABV: 32.0

Liqueur type: Dessert liqueur

Barcode: 8588003786371


Originally "Tatran tea", this tea liqueur has its origin in the Tatra Mountains.

Tatra, is a part of the Carpathian mountain range in Eastern Europe and not so long ago, people there believed that for every disease there was a special herb.

The ingredients for the "healing potions" were always simple; hot water was prepared with honey, garlic, tallow and alcohol.

This is also the case with today's Tatratea Liqueur; black tea from India, oak chips and selected herbs and spices are used.

The Tatratea Citrus is enriched with extracts of lemons and limes, giving it its distinctive citrus aromas and a wonderful tea and fruit flavor.

Tasting notes:

  • Colour: Amber.
  • Nose: Intense Assam tea, notes of lemongrass, mint, verbena.
  • Taste: Balanced, citrus, sweet black tea.
  • Finish: Long lasting.

No limits are set with Tatratea Liqueurs; whether pure, on ice, in your favourite tea or also highly recommended as an ingredient for cocktails and long drinks.

TATRATEA Citrus Tea Liqueur 32% Vol. 0,7l

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